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One destination, many routes


Ca’ Apollonio Heritage is ready to welcome you in the heart of the Veneto foothills, at the base of the Grappa massif, a UNESCO MAB Reserve. It represents a new concept of travel experience where the soul of historical architecture enters into a dialogue with a contemporary building, merging with the surrounding environment and its wealth of rustic expressions.

It is a destination that engages the senses and invites reconnection, a place for slowing down and feeling inspired. Eighteen hectares of countryside encapsulate the secret of a legacy from the past that now looks to the future: a boutique hotel with a sophisticated gastronomic range, and an intimate refuge for those seeking naturalness in a farm that celebrates biodiversity.

Ca’ Apollonio Heritage is the dream come true of Maria Pia Viaro and Massimo Vallotto, who brought Villa Apollonio back to life. The first testimonies of the historic building date back to the sixteenth century, and the two of them took on the task of carrying out a careful renovation that restored it to its original splendour. These works have helped enhance the present architecture and the surrounding environment while maintaining the timeless charm of a history that goes back centuries.

Ca’ Apollonio Heritage is much more than what you see: it is a different place that makes the difference.

The Executive Chef's signature


A cuisine that enhances nature and authentic flavours

The gastronomic proposal of Ca’ Apollonio Heritage bears the signature of the executive chef Alessio Longhini, the recipient of a Michelin star. He leads a young team with innovative culinary perspectives that respects the territory, celebrating the seasons and the precious raw ingredients found in a select, short-range supply chain.

Authentic flavours and culinary flair are expressed in two paths and two distinct environments – one Bistrot and one Gourmet – created to meet the most varied tastes and to play with fusions. Fragrances, flavours and colours merge into a refined and emotional sensory choreography that is always new.

Every taste is a discovery, an ingredient rediscovered, a memory to be shared.

The vegetable gardens


Local, organic raw ingredients, cultivated with love

A hectare of gardens cultivated with organic methods and ancient knowledge of regenerative agriculture brings together the heritage of nature and passes it down through orchards with ancient varieties, aromatic herbs and plant species with an intense flavour. The rhythm of the seasons and the unpredictability of the weather mark the growth times of these first fruits that, in turn, inspire the creation of new dishes.

The menu comes alive while still in the earth, among the flowerbeds, even before the kitchen: history, traditions and seasonality are intertwined in gastronomic stories that seduce and engage, evoking memories and emotions.


An elegant and informal meeting point, the quintessence of conviviality where you can find calm and devote yourself to the pleasure of taste, in a space poised halfway between a restaurant and a wine bar. In this welcoming dining hall, you can relax and savour the chef’s culinary creations and be surprised by the refined selection of wines and drinks.


In a historical context with an intimate and refined atmosphere, continuous research is brought together with fine ingredients. At the Gourmet restaurant of Ca’ Apollonio Heritage, every detail has been considered down to the smallest details: from the wine list to the unique pieces of the mise en place, from the welcoming of guests to small gestures, for an experience that goes beyond food.

The sommelier

Michele Griggio

An experience that engages and ignites the senses

After graduating in Philosophy, he completed a Master ALMA-AIS with a thesis entitled “Resistant vines: the genesis of a terroir”.

He not only takes care of the cellar but also of the dining hall, coordinating the team of young people dedicated to welcoming guests and making them feel comfortable, accompanying them in their food and wine choices for an unforgettable multisensory experience.

The winery

From the vineyard to the glass, from respect for the environment to quality wines.

Almost seven hundred-fifty labels and more than three thousand two hundred bottles have been selected by André Senoner, a young and award-winning sommelier who, in keeping with the Property’s wishes, has composed a wine route that privileges wineries and producers that combine real attention to the environment with high quality in the wines produced. The result is an original wine list, enriched with a wide selection of wines from PIWI resistant vines. It is possibly the most comprehensive range of labels in the world representative of this emerging movement of modern truly sustainable viticulture, which can be offered in a restaurant.

This research is linked to the culture of good drinking and arises from an intense passion for tradition and respect for the environment and the cycles of nature.

The Ca’ Apollonio Winery reveals its essence through a path made of discovery and knowledge, where sharing becomes culture and wine becomes pleasure.

This multisensory experience is spread across two rooms, one dedicated to conservation and one to tasting. They dialogue with the architectural spaces created with great craftsmanship together with the most advanced technological tools to discover the secrets of an ancient art with guidance.

Not just bistrot&gourmet


Boutique Hotel

A hotel surrounded by nature

A meticulous and careful restoration of the decadent historic building carried out following the strict protocols of CasaClima has restored splendour and life to a unique complex: the Boutique Hotel of Ca’ Apollonio Heritage now has a collection of 11 rooms, including seven suites, all furnished in contemporary style and designed to guarantee its guests a stay marked by tranquillity and privacy.

The ideal choice for relaxing and immersing yourself in nature, surrounded by lush gardens, lounge areas and orchards with delicate aromas, without sacrificing the comfort and services of a charming hotel.

SPA-Wellness and Fitness

A sanctuary for the well-being of body and soul

Slow time, calm and silence: Ca’ Apollonio combines nature, beauty and science to harmonise body and mind. It is a sanctuary dedicated to the well-being of body and soul so you can be enveloped in a new energy and a growing sense of wonder. A regenerating journey leads between the fitness area, heated underground pool, sauna, steam baths and treatments designed to relieve tension and bring body and mind back to a natural state of harmony.